Electrochemical Series

What is Electrochemical Series? Electrochemical series additionally generally known as exercise series is a listing that describes the association of parts so as of their growing electrode potential values. The series has been established by measuring the potential of assorted electrodes versus Standard Hydrogen Electrodes (SHE). A series of electrodes organized so as of their growing… Continue reading Electrochemical Series

Cellular Respiration

Cellular Respiration The action of oxidation of organic materials occurring in all living cells is called internal or cellular respiration. It gets carbon dioxide, water, and energy. C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + 6H2O + 673 Kilocalorie energy Cellular respiration is a long process, so to understand it easily it is divided into the following… Continue reading Cellular Respiration

Dispersion and Scattering of Sun Light

Cause of dispersion and scattering of Sunlight: By the prism formula [δm = (n-1) A] clear that the deviation of a ray of light of a color by a prism depends on its refractive index n and prism angle A. We know that: Refractive index (n) = velocity (v) / wavelength (λ). It is clear… Continue reading Dispersion and Scattering of Sun Light

Refraction of light

Refraction of light: When rays of light enter from one transparent medium to another transparent medium, they deviate slightly from their passage on the separate plane of both mediums, this phenomenon is called refraction of light. The reason for the refraction of light is because the speed of light varies in different mediums. Some definitions… Continue reading Refraction of light