Indian Economic system

Introduction of Indian Economic system India is the fastest-growing giant economic system on this planet, with infinite inhabitants, favorable demographics, and excessive catch-up potential as a result of low preliminary GDP per head. Indian economic system is the world’s sixth-largest economic system by nominal GDP and the third-largest by buying energy parity. It’s predicted to be the second-largest economic system on… Continue reading Indian Economic system

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Magnetic effect of electric current A magnetic field is generated around an electric current in a conductive material, this phenomenon is called the magnetic effect of electric current. The Experiment of Oerested’s: To confirm the magnetic effect of the electric current, Oersted did the following experiment: Oersted installed a copper current-carrying circuit near a compass… Continue reading Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Role Of Different Classes In Civil Disobedience Movement

Just as Gandhiji’s non-cooperation movement was interpreted according to the fulfillment of his interests by different sections of society, similarly in the Civil Disobedience Movement, various communities of the society contributed to the desire of fulfilling their personal interests. It can be understood as follows- 1:Contribution of farmers: Patidars of Gujarat and the affluent farmers… Continue reading Role Of Different Classes In Civil Disobedience Movement

Nationalism In India

Nationalism is an ideology that binds the citizens of any country in the thread of unity. According to EH Carr, “Nationalism is the simple and natural sweetness of a specific shape and relationship between all its members.” Indian nationalism is an example before the world, although it started from the Vedic period itself, the earth… Continue reading Nationalism In India