Indian Economic system

Introduction of Indian Economic system India is the fastest-growing giant economic system on this planet, with infinite inhabitants, favorable demographics, and excessive catch-up potential as a result of low preliminary GDP per head. Indian economic system is the world’s sixth-largest economic system by nominal GDP and the third-largest by buying energy parity. It’s predicted to be the second-largest economic system on… Continue reading Indian Economic system

Refraction of Light Through Spherical Surfaces

Refraction:  The bending of light when it travels from one medium to a different is referred to as Refraction. Usually, when gentle travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium, the sunshine modifications its course and strikes away from the traditional and whereas travelling from a lighter medium to a denser medium it shifts its… Continue reading Refraction of Light Through Spherical Surfaces

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Magnetic effect of electric current A magnetic field is generated around an electric current in a conductive material, this phenomenon is called the magnetic effect of electric current. The Experiment of Oerested’s: To confirm the magnetic effect of the electric current, Oersted did the following experiment: Oersted installed a copper current-carrying circuit near a compass… Continue reading Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Nutrition In Animals

Animals cannot make food on their own. They depend on plants for their food either directly or indirectly. All organisms including humans require nutrients for the growth, repair, and functioning of the body. They get these nutrients from the digestion of food. Process of Nutrition In Animals: There are five steps in the process of… Continue reading Nutrition In Animals

Total Internal Reflection

If in the process of refraction angle of incidence is increased to more than the critical angle when the ray of light passes through the dense medium, then the ray of light is fully reflected from the plane separating the two mediums and returns back to the same medium. Is called the Complete or Total… Continue reading Total Internal Reflection

Critical Angle and Reversibility of Light

Critical Angle: When the ray of light moves from the dense medium to the rare medium, the value of the refraction angle ‘r’ is greater than the incidence angle i. When the value of the incidence angle is increased, a situation occurs when the value of the angle of refraction becomes 90°. The angle of… Continue reading Critical Angle and Reversibility of Light

Refraction of light

Refraction of light: When rays of light enter from one transparent medium to another transparent medium, they deviate slightly from their passage on the separate plane of both mediums, this phenomenon is called refraction of light. The reason for the refraction of light is because the speed of light varies in different mediums. Some definitions… Continue reading Refraction of light

Nationalism In India

Nationalism is an ideology that binds the citizens of any country in the thread of unity. According to EH Carr, “Nationalism is the simple and natural sweetness of a specific shape and relationship between all its members.” Indian nationalism is an example before the world, although it started from the Vedic period itself, the earth… Continue reading Nationalism In India