Electrochemical Series

What is Electrochemical Series? Electrochemical series additionally generally known as exercise series is a listing that describes the association of parts so as of their growing electrode potential values. The series has been established by measuring the potential of assorted electrodes versus Standard Hydrogen Electrodes (SHE). A series of electrodes organized so as of their growing… Continue reading Electrochemical Series

Refraction of Light Through Spherical Surfaces

Refraction:  The bending of light when it travels from one medium to a different is referred to as Refraction. Usually, when gentle travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium, the sunshine modifications its course and strikes away from the traditional and whereas travelling from a lighter medium to a denser medium it shifts its… Continue reading Refraction of Light Through Spherical Surfaces

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Magnetic effect of electric current A magnetic field is generated around an electric current in a conductive material, this phenomenon is called the magnetic effect of electric current. The Experiment of Oerested’s: To confirm the magnetic effect of the electric current, Oersted did the following experiment: Oersted installed a copper current-carrying circuit near a compass… Continue reading Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Critical Angle and Reversibility of Light

Critical Angle: When the ray of light moves from the dense medium to the rare medium, the value of the refraction angle ‘r’ is greater than the incidence angle i. When the value of the incidence angle is increased, a situation occurs when the value of the angle of refraction becomes 90°. The angle of… Continue reading Critical Angle and Reversibility of Light

Refraction of light

Refraction of light: When rays of light enter from one transparent medium to another transparent medium, they deviate slightly from their passage on the separate plane of both mediums, this phenomenon is called refraction of light. The reason for the refraction of light is because the speed of light varies in different mediums. Some definitions… Continue reading Refraction of light