Indian Economic system

Introduction of Indian Economic system India is the fastest-growing giant economic system on this planet, with infinite inhabitants, favorable demographics, and excessive catch-up potential as a result of low preliminary GDP per head. Indian economic system is the world’s sixth-largest economic system by nominal GDP and the third-largest by buying energy parity. It’s predicted to be the second-largest economic system on… Continue reading Indian Economic system

Political Parties of India

Political Parties of India A multi-party democratic system is prevalent in India. The political parties of India here can be mainly divided into the following 3 classes: National political parties, 2. State-level political parties, and 3. Regional parties National Political Parties 1. National political parties of India National political parties have influence throughout the country.… Continue reading Political Parties of India

Political Parties

Political Parties Political parties have a very important role in the operation of democratic governance. These are reflected separately in institutions of any democratic system. A political party is an organized group of people with similar political ideology, who work for the purpose of contesting elections and gaining political power in government. Each political party,… Continue reading Political Parties


Meanings of Federalism Federalism is the design of the trend of constitutional governance under which various states establish a union by an agreement. Under this, the compromising states become the units of the Union. Under federal governance, supreme power is divided between the central government and its units. Thus we can say that there are… Continue reading Federalism

Indian Federalism

Indian Federalism After independence, in Indian democracy, many princely states were merged with the Indian Union. The federal constitution was accepted in the Indian constitution which was created after this. Although the word ‘Union’ has not been introduced in the Indian Constitution, the rule of government has been formed on the principle of federalism. The… Continue reading Indian Federalism


Coal As a result of geographical upheaval millions of years ago, the trees which were buried in the ground were converted into coal due to excessive heat and pressure. Thus coal is a fossil fuel. Coal is said to be the father of the industrial revolution because initially, coal used to be a major source… Continue reading Coal